Monday, 22 April 2013

American Flag Makeup Look ft Violent Lips

Yesterday, you may have seen the guest post I posted from the lovely Sammie from LittleBlondeLife. On the same day, she posted a guest post from me on her blog. 
I decided to share that post on here too. Make sure to go check out Sammies blog though too!

So a few days ago, I won a set of Violent Lips transfers from the company on twitter. I chose the  American flag. I decided to try and do a makeup look featuring these transfers.

This was my inspiration:

Also I've been OBSESSED with Lana Del Reys song National Anthem lately so I just had to do this makeup look! Seriously I've listened to it over 100 times, I've also tweeted the lyrics over and over again. I have a problem I know..
Each violent lips comes with 3 transfers in a pack.

To use, you just place them against your lips, and trim to fit. They're very large so they fit all lips sizes. You then just remove the plastic, place it on your lips and press against the paper back using wet cotton. Similar to how you'd apply those tattoos you'd get as a child! 
They are quite tricky to apply so mine were a bit of a mess.. oops. I was home alone when I was doing these, so I was absolutely TERRIFIED someone would knock the door and I'd have to answer like this! 

Because my lips were a bit.. BAM! I wanted to keep my eyes simple, I just did a simple cat liner flick on top and then used a white, red and blue shadow on the bottom lash line. I do wish I'd gone a bit crazier on the eyes but 3 transfers came in the pack so I might try this makeup again, except this time go really crazy on the eye shadow! I might try to recreate the look I showed in the first photo!
I think this would be fun for something like Halloween/fancy dress or 4th of July if you live in the US. I know here in Ireland, on St Patricks Day, people tend to go a bit crazy and draw Irish flags on their faces! 

Oh and if you're interested in having a look at the violent lips. You can go to their website, they have soooooo many differrent transfers, animal prints, all kinds of country flags, glitter transfers and so many more! Below is just a card that came in my pack showing a few different transfers available. They supposedly last up to 8 hours, but I can't tell you if thats true as I took it off immediately after taking photos. It did start to crack after a few minutes though.

I hope you all enjoyed this crazy look. I know its not very 'wearable' but I enjoy looking at other bloggers/makeup aritsts crazy makeup looks! 


  1. I love how this looks! But I think I'm not brave enough to actually wear it outside my house(

    1. I know I'd never wear it outside! I took it off immediately haha

  2. I want to try them, but I'm afraid I'll over trim it and it'll just end up waste, haha.

    1. They have lines on the back as guides of where to trim so its really easy! :)

  3. This is so cool, I love it.


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