Saturday, 6 April 2013

Im Taking A Break From Blogging

Heellooo so, I've decided to take a little break from blogging. Mainly because since changing my URL my new posts haven't been showing up on followers reading lists. No point posting if no one can see them right?
Another blogger said this happened to her but it fixed itself after about 2 weeks.
I'll come back in a week and see if its fixed itself, if not it'll be another week after that.

I'll still be writing new posts, I'll just save them as drafts until blogger sorts itself out. Its extremely upsetting and frustrating when you can't seem to get any help or answers from blogger itself. Especially since they do not provide an email address where you can speak directly to a tech employee.
I was so excited about the new name/url/design and the new posts that I was going to be introducing.

I'll be back in a week or two.


  1. Dont leeeeeeave me.

    Love Zoe x

  2. Well for the record, this popped up on my Bloglovin' feed :)
    I don't think it's that people don't care, probably just that everyone assumes someone else will answer maybe? I do know what you mean though, it can be really frustrating when you feel like you're talking to an empty room. I didn't see any tweets or anything on Facebook though, which makes me think that probably some others didn't either - I think it's easy to miss things on Twitter, especially if you follow lots of people.
    Anyway, I hope this gets sorted out soon, it must be so frustrating. I really want to change my URL, but I daren't do it in case something like that happens.
    Mel xx

    1. Yes bloglovin seems to be working find it just wont post on anyones blogger reading list.
      I know what you mean but all I wanted was a simple yes I can see it or no Its not on mine.
      I know my 10 tweets about it probabaly got lost in peoples feeds but I know that 43 people saw the facebook post.

      Thank you, it is. I wouldnt recommend it unless you only use bloglovin as a way for people to follow you.


  3. This popped up on Bloglovin' for me! I hope this gets sorted out for you soon.

    1. Thankfully bloglovin is still posting them but the majority of my followers are on GFC :/
      Thank you me too!



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