Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekly Update #2 - New Job, Nail Polish & 8am Wake Up Calls From 4 Year Olds

I'm back with another weekly update! I'm not quite sure what to call these though!
So this has been quite an exciting week for me (you'll all probably find it extremely boring though!)

Last Monday I had a job interview in a local salon. I was a little nervous but very excited. 
Its been quite hard for me to find a job since finishing college last June. There are literally NO jobs in my county. Especially for a beauty therapist. So to say I wanted this was an understatement.

After I'd finished the interview, they told me that they were holding a second interview, which would be practical (doing treatments) and would let me know if they wanted me to come back in for that. 
Long story short, I got the second interview and then finally the job. So I am SOOOO HAPPY.
I literally screamed the house down after they rang to tell me.

I start at the end of April/start of May so I'm very excited about that. I honestly love what I do (beauty therapy) and wouldn't change it for the world. I think thats a good thing too. Enjoying your job. I can't imagine waking up in the morning dreading going to work..

Ooooh also, I saw Sam McCauleys tweet that they were now stocking Essie in a selction of their branches including mine!! Yaay. Its so hard to get your hands on Essie here and I don't like shopping online as I prefer to swatch colours in store than look online.
You can bet your bottom dollar (what??) that I legged it down there the next day!
I picked up two shade: Cute as A Button and Too Too Hot which will be up on the blog very soon!
I also want to pick up a base and top coat.

So other than those 2 things my week has been very unexciting. I tried to not make any plans as I wasn't sure when or if I'd be called in for the second interview. Now that its all over, myself and one of my very good firiends Lisa can have our movie night we'd been planning this week! 

Oh speaking of Lisa the funniest thing happened last Tuesday. I got a phone call from her at like 8am and I was like why is she ringing me at this time? I answered and heard a little girls voice going 'hello?' I said: 'Hello??? Elyn is that you?!' Elyn is her 4 year old daughter. She answered 'Yes how are you/whos this' I couldnt quite make it out. I asked her what was wrong, why was she ringing me and where was her mammy was and she hung up. I text Lisa later that day to ask why Elyn had rang me. She told me that she had been in the shower and Elyn had taken her phone, saw my photo in Lisa's contacts and decided to ring me to say hello.
I don't know I just thought it was hilarious that a 4 year old decided to ring me at 8am to say hello.

Anyway I hope you all had a lovely week, I would have taken a photo to include in this sunday update but I'm currently sitting in my pjs with no makeup up at 2pm in the day. YOLO? No you're right that's not YOLO its just lazy..


  1. Congratulations on the job! I considered doing beauty therapy & was terrified about the lack of opportunities around home so I decided if I still want to do it after college, I know it's for me! Good luck with it :)

    1. Thank you!
      I know I was a little worried about it but honestly I really didn't want to do anything else, like I'd looked into doing childcare or social care but I dont think I would have enjoyed it.
      Exactly its always there if you want to do it!

  2. Congrats on your new job =)


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