Friday, 5 April 2013

efxo? What??? Blog Makeover??!

Hellloooo guys! So, incase you haven't noticed, my blog has gone through a bit of a makeover. 
New name, new url, new design.

The reason for this is I felt like too many people had the same blog name as me and I wanted something a bit different. All The Pretty Things was the first thing that came into my head when I made the blog so I was only really using it until I could come up with a name myself. Months later, and I've finally managed to come up with one!

So what is efxo?
Its actually quite simple its laughable. E & F are my initials and xo is just..xo.
Anyway I just feel like this fits the blog better.
As for the URL, well was taken so I ended up just going with my name.

The content will stay pretty much the same but I am excited to start introducing more variety into the blog. I feel like its started to get a little boring. 

So, to sum up, I'm quite excited about the things to come and I hope you all like the new name and aren't too confused by it all!


  1. I love you new blog design/name everything! i think you have done it well :) I was just wondering how you changed your url but kept the same followers? I want to change the url of my blog and I know how to redirect my url to my new url but how do I keep my followers? Thanks!


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