Sunday, 21 April 2013

Vodka Milkshake Recipe - GUEST POST ft

Hey guys so I decided to start featuring some guest bloggers on here lately, lets be honest, you're probably all sick of seeing my face and reading my words so it will be nice to introduce some fresh content. Also, its a great way for you to discover new, amazing bloggers! 
Today, we have the gorgeous and very lovely Sammie from Little Blonde Life
Now I'm not going to lie I myself am absolutely shit (oops naughty) at any kind of recipes so I was majorly excited when I saw Sammie was posting a recipe, I was even more excited when I saw it included vodka. 
I'm going to shut up now and let Sammie get on with getting us all absolutely pissed! WOOOHOOO.

Hello Emma's Lovely readers, Emma has kindly given me chance to do a guest post on her blog. Allow me to introduce myself I'm Sammie from Little Blonde Life. Normally I have no problem conjuring up blog posts but as this is my first guest  post I was a little unsure what I should blog about. As big bang theory was on the TV in the background I found my bloggers block unlocked by the one and only Sheldon Cooper and thought the best way I could introduce myself to you guys was to offer you a hot beverage. Well unfortunately I was all out of hot beverages so instead i have made you guys a vodka milkshake. (I suppose I could of just made a milkshake, but c'mon it is Friday)

To make:

Blend ice-cream, milk, crusha (raspberry) and add a splash of vodka.

To serve: Top with whipped cream and of course a cherry on top.

Hope you all enjoyed my little post a big thank you to Emma's for having me over. You can check my blog out at

Well we all know what I'll be making this weekend ;)
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