Thursday, 18 April 2013

eBay Jewellery Haul

Yes Im back with yet ANOTHER eBay jewellery haul.
I picked up a few more bits so I thought I'd share them as I thought they were nice pieces for the price!

€1.44 with free shipping
So the first item I picked up, I had actually seen on another jewellery website and I wanted it so much but it was a lot more expensive than on eBay. I just happened to spot it while browsing eBay and had to get it!
Its available in 3 colours, this 'rose red', 'lake blue' and orange. 
I definitely want to get the lake blue as well!
Please excuse the atrocious outfit, obviously it doesn't go with it but I just wanted to show you the length.

€1.44 with free shipping
The next item I ordered was this gold arrow bangle. I love that this is adjustable so will fit anyone, I find bangle usually fall right off my arm as I have small wrists and hands. 

€1.13 with free shipping
I also picked up the above bracelet in silver as I couldn't choose between the two. I bought them from different sellers as the one I bought the gold from didn't have the silver in stock. Unfortunately the silver came broken. I think the glue just wasn't very strong or something. I've contacted the seller and they've said they would refund my money but who knows if they actually will. 

So thats everything I bought this time! 


  1. Oooo, the spike necklace is so pretty! :D Looks like the Sims diamond haha :p

    1. haha omg yes I never noticed that! I was obsessed with the Sims when I was younger maybe thats why I was drawn to it :P


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