Friday, 22 March 2013

eBay Individual Eyelashes Review/Photos

Hey guys so I'm not well at all today, I've got a bad case of tonsillitis (there was literally a tiny gap between my tonsils yesterday I thought I was going to suffocate), a cold and as a result of the two I've been feeling a bit nauseous too. All in all, not a fun time. So I decided since I've spent the day in bed watching Pretty Little Liars episodes that I should try and do something productive. So I thought I'd share my new favourite individual false eyelashes with you!

I'm not a huge false eyelash fan, my eyelashes are quite long anyway (I'd just like them to be a little thicker) so while strip eyelashes look good (and quite natural in some cases) on other people, they tend to look extremely fake on me. Also with the length of my eyelashes I find them a bit fiddly to apply. Also theres nothing worse than seeing photos of girls on nights out with the inner corner of their fake eyelashes coming unattached. So I decided to try individual lashes.
I've used them before in college and liked that you don't need to commit to a whole strip. So I thought I'd pop online to my favourite shop in the world, eBay, and have a browse for a few. 

Guess how much these cost me? 

€1.04.. yep you read that correctly. Plus free shipping? How could I say no. There were 3 options: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. I went with the 10mm, as I said above I don't like fake looking lashes.

They are a little fiddly to apply first time, which is why there are so many missing, I messed a few up with my tweezers when I was taking them out! That is until I remembered how we were taught to take them out in college!

For the photos below, I used about 3-4 lashes on each eye.

You see that one longer eyelash on the left of photo? Yep that's my real eyelash, Its extremely annoying everytime I look at it. I don't know why its longer than all my other eyelashes. Im too afraid to snip it in case I  cut all my other eyelashes!

Not bad for €1.04? Plus with the price I wasn't too worried about throwing them away after one use. To be honest I can't be bothered cleaning them off to use again but you could totally do that if you want!
So above, my eyelashes look like they do pretty much all the time, just a little more thicker. If you want more length to your lashes I'd say go for the 12mm but I didn't want any more length!

The only downside to these eyelashes is that they take about 4 weeks to come as they're from Hong Kong. As soon as these are about to run out I'm definitely ordering a few more boxes!

The exact ones I bought are here

If you've ever tried strip lashes and didn't think they were for you, I seriously recommend just trying these.
Do you prefer strip or individual lashes?


  1. These are AMAZING! Going to order some now! x

    1. Let me know what you think if you do get them! :) x

  2. These look gorgeous! I'd be tempted to buy a stack of them in one go at that price x

    1. I know, they're so much cheaper than you get in shops! x

  3. What a great price!
    I've only ever had strip false lashes, but I tend to cut them up into a few pieces so I don't have to use them all.

    Jesss xo

    1. I've tried cutting them shorter but they still manage to look fake on me :( x

  4. It looks amazing. I couldn't even notice there are any fake lashes added if you didn't say it.


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