Wednesday, 13 March 2013

DIY Pamper: At Home Full Manicure

You'd think as a Beauty Therapist I'd have done a post on this already but NOPE apparently not!
I LOVE doing little pamper sessions at home. 
First of all, why is it important to have regular manicure? 
Its always nice to keep your nails neat and tidy. No one likes looking at bad nails. Also, manicures can help nail polish apply and look a lot nicer on your nails, especially without all the nasty cuticle-ness (I'm pretty sure I just made up that word).
Please excuse the awful photos, I did this at night so had to resort to artificial lighting.

So lets just get straight into it. 

 1: Wipe down your nails with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover, this is necessary even if you don't have any polish on your nails to remove oil.

 2: Take a hand or cuticle cream and apply it to your cuticles. I like to use Soap & Glory's Hand Food.

3: Massage the hand/cuticle cream into your cuticles. This will help to soften them a little.

4: Take an orange wood stick and cover the top in cotton. Gently push back your cuticles as well as you can.

5: Take a cuticle remover (I got mine from Sallys) and place a drop of your cuticles. This stuff is very strong so be careful. It basically dries out your cuticles making them easy to remove with the knife (see below)

6. Take a cuticle knife and CAREFULLY in circular motions scrap it alone your cuticles to remove. Be extremely careful not to cut yourself. If you're paying attention and going slowly in circular motions you wont hurt yourself. AFTERWARDS, this part is important, make sure to wipe your nails/cuticle bed down with a wet cotton pad to remove the cuticle remover. If not it will continue to dry out your nail bed and skin. Only wet cotton will remove it.

7: Finally apply a nail polish of your choice. I decided to apply a nail strengthener as my nails have been peeling a lot lately. 

And that's it! So now you have no excuse to have bad nails!
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  1. Such a nice blog!
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  3. Great post! I really need to start doing at home manicures!


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