Friday, 8 March 2013

'Look Like You're Not Wearing Makeup' Natural, School, No Makeup Look

Hi guys so I've wanted to do this post for A LONG TIME, I just never got round to it!
I know a lot of girls go to schools where there is a no makeup rule. I know when I was in secondary school we had a rule where we couldn't be caked in makeup, we were allowed to wear it just as long as we didn't look like a clown, and that was an all girls school! I know one of the other mixed schools in the area would make the girls go to the bathroom and remove ANY makeup they were wearing. Eeek I don't know how I'd have survived in a mixed school with no makeup! (Yes I'm very vain I know)
ANYWAY I thought I'd do a makeup look that would be suitable for occasions where you don't want to look like you're wearing makeup but you still want to look your best. Almost a 'how to trick people into thinking you're better looking than you actually are' (how very Jenna Marbles of me!). This is also great if you don't have time in the morning to do your makeup but still want to look as well as you can. This literally takes less than 5 minutes.
Of course you can alter this look and add more or less depending on your situation but I just thought I'd do a basic look for everyone.

Eeeek I hate how I look without eyeliner so this is a scary post for me to do! 

What I did/used:

1. Apply a primer. I used the Nivea Express Hydration Primer (review here)
2. Apply a concealer under your eyes or on any blemishes. I LOVE the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.
3. Now this step is optional, Apply a tinted moisturiser. If you have clear skin with an even skintone then skip this step, the concealer will be enough for you. If you have an uneven skintone/acne apply a small amount of tinted moisturiser. A makeup brush will give more coverage but using your fingers will give a more natural look. You can use whichever method you want.
4. Apply a small amount of powder. The key here is a small amount. Too much can leave that obvious powdery look. Only apply it to your oily areas (eg the t zone) and swipe the remaining product on the brush all over your face.
5. If you fill in your eyebrows you can do this now. DO NOT draw them on with an eyebrow pencil. That will look obviously fake. I like to use a slanted brush and an eyeshadow. You can draw a straight line under your brow as this would naturally be quite a harsh line from waxing/plucking/threading, but DO NOT draw a line on top of your eyebrow and fill in in between the two lines. Also do not draw a straight vertical line at the start of your eyebrows (where your eyebrows meet your nose). This part of your eyebrow is naturally sparse.

 If you want I can do a post or maybe a video on how best to fill in your brows so they look fairly natural and not like you've gone mad with a sharpie. Let me know.
6. Curl your eyelashes. I would recommend using a clear mascara if you want to play up your eyelashes a bit but if you want you can apply one thin layer of brown mascara.
7. Apply a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks. I'm talking a quite swipe to give a natural flush.
8. Finally you can apply a tinted lipbalm or a plain lipgloss if you prefer. I just left my lips bare.

And that's it!
As I said you can add more or take something away depending on your situation/preferences.

If any of you have ANY questions or any requests you can leave a comment below or email me ( for a direct response.


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