Friday, 15 March 2013

Hair Care Routine ft Hask, L'Oreal, Percy & Reed, Pantene & Osmo


Helloooo so I am in a particularly chirpy mood today so I decided to finally post my hair care routine!
I am in no way shape or form saying my hair is in top condition. With the length of it (straight it falls below my boobs sorry I'm useless with measurements!) and how much heat I use, its hard to keep the ends in good condition, especially since I have to be dragged into a hairdressing chair to have it cut. Although I think I'm due a cut!

Anyway I decided to share what I do anyway! It seems to work for me!

So first I don't use any specific shampoo, I just use whatever is there, although usually its some form of L'Oreal Elvive. At the moment I've been using the Full Restore 5 and also I've started using the Percy & Reed Colour & Shine Conditioner, I'll definitely do a review once its all used up (I like to use it ALL to really see how it works before posting).

After washing I leave my hair up in a towel (rocking the turban) for as long as possible to allow it to dry as much as I can. If I'm in a rush I'll blowdry immediately but to be honest I hate blowdrying when my hair is soaking as with the length of my hair it takes FOREVER.

Next I'll try to brush through my hair with a hairbrush, I know I know you're supposed to use a comb but I can't be bothered because it takes too long. My hair gets extremely knotty and ain't nobody got time for a comb. I just go crazy and pull the head off myself with a brush!
I always use a heat defence spray, I picked this 'Pantene Heat Defense Gloss Spray' in the supermarket because it was RIDICULOUSLY cheap, I'm talking €1.92 or something! This leaves my hair smelling sooooo nice! I'm thinking of going back and stocking up on a few in case its a special offer! I spritz this all over my head and brush through before blowdrying. I always blowdry my hair upside down for maximum volume. 

Recently I picked up this root boost as again with the length of my hair it tends to be weighed down at the roots and lacks volume. I spritz this into the roots of my hair when its almost dry and continue to blowdry upside down. Before standing straight back up I blast my roots with the cold setting on the hairdryer to lock in the volume.

Next I'll style it however I want, I rarely use a hair straighteners all over my head as my hair dries pretty straight anyway, and I find straightening flattens any volume that's in it! I'll just run over the layered flicked out areas. 

Finally for the ends of my hair I'll put a tiny drop of Hask Argan Oil into my palm, rub my palms together and smooth through the very ends of my hair. This helps smooth down any frizzy-ness or fly-aways.

And that's it!

P.S if you want to see how I get my hair curly like in the photo above I can definitely do a video/post. I'm not sure which to do! I think a video would be easier to actually show how I do it.

If you have any hair products recommendations please let me know as I'm enjoying trying new products!


  1. Thanks for sharing your hair care routine, you have gorgeous hair <3

  2. I'd love a video on the curls! Thanks for sharing your hair care routine.

  3. great post! i have similar length hair so will make a note of these products :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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