Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Prize Unboxing/Opening from AqeelaKeela.blogspot.com

I hope you all had a fabulous St Patricks Day/Paddys Day (NOT Pattys Day or St Pattys Day, take note Americans).
Today I wanted to share a package I received this morning with you all! I've been very excited for this package to come and it finally came this morning! It's a prize package from the very lovely (seriously I know everyone says that about people but she's seriously sooo nice) Aqeela, I would advise you all to check out her blog if you haven't already, just click here and it will open in a new window for you to have a nose! She does these AMAZING eye looks, she also does a weekly makeup tag with a different theme each week and the entries make me jealous of how talented her and the other girls are!

Anywhooo thankfully I was able to stop myself ripping it open before taking photos.
The minute I got it I was praying nothing was broken as postmen tend to be very rough. I ordered a Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant not long ago and when it came it was smashed in pieces. Someone literally stepped on it and I ended up with a bag of dust and shards of plastic. To say I was pissed was an understatement. Luckily nothing in this package was broken drastically and what was broken was cleaned up easily with a towel (more on that later).

So lets get straight into the photos!

Look at me all fancy blurring out my address.

So this is what was in the package! That pink dust is from a few of the pieces that broke off the bath bomb. 
They are quite fragile and as I mentioned the postmen can be rough but its nothing a wipe of a towel couldn't fix!

I'm not really bothered about some of the pieces coming off the bath bomb, I'll be chucking the lot into the bath anyway haha. I've ALWAYS lusted over lush bath bombs, but the nearest place to me to get Lush is Grafton Street in Dublin and let me tell you, I've been to Grafton Street once and I will not be going again! I'll stick to the Dublin shopping centres thank you very much. I don't cope well in crowds that will literally trample you. 
Anyway I'm so excited to try this! Its called 'Think Pink' and you don't need to tell me Lush, my brain is pink pink pink anyway! I think I'll wait til like Friday night or something and have a nice long soak! I'll let you all know anyway what I think of it! It smells good though!

Like Lush there is no where near me that sells Illamasqua and to be honest, I don't really like buying makeup online, I prefer to try it and swatch it in the shop so I've never had the chance to try Illamasqua but I've always wanted to! The packaging is gorgeous and look at that colour?! I can't wait to try this out on my eyes. I think it will look so gorgeous on the lid with a brown shade in the crease. 

Next up is of course one of my favourite items of makeup, a MAC lipstick, I chose the shade Syrup as I wanted a nude but I didn't want a 'foundation lips' nude, I don't think that would suit me so I chose this sheer pink shade. Expect a full post on this with info on how it looks on the lips, how it feels and also photos of it on the lips.

As you can see Venus was a little bit damaged (effing postmen) but I'm not bothered it's barely noticeable and is still useable. 

And finally we have the item I was honestly most excited about. I've wanted this since it came out. The closest Debenhams to me is Waterford (I live in Wexford FYI) and me being lazy never bothered going to Waterford to get it. The cost of petrol would nearly be as much as the palette!..
....and I just realised I could have ordered it online. DAMN IT EMMA. Oh well I have it now and that's all that matters! I'm seriously so excited to use this. Its the perfect size also, not too big.
I'll definitely do a look or two with this!

So that's everything, damn I'm lucky!
I can't wait to dive in and start using them all, as I mentioned above I'll definitely be doing a post on each individual item so make sure to keep an eye out! 
Thank you again Aqeela this was an amazing prize and I'm very grateful to have won it!


  1. wow :) Lucky girl, I wish I had any of those ;)

  2. Lucky you! Those are some amazing goodies! It's a shame some of them were partly damaged, but at least they're still usable!

    1. I know right! I know at least nothing was seriously broken!

  3. Amazing prize! Bit jealous! Xx

    1. haha she really was over generous with the items! xx

  4. Glad u loved everything I tried to make the items' journey as safe as poss! I'm loving syrup I bought myself it too x


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