Thursday, 21 February 2013

Lancome Hypose Mascara Review & Photos

I've always heard great things about Lancome's Hypnose Mascara, I was even recommended to try it by my neighbour but I was put off by the price tag! I'm very particular about mascaras and didn't want to spend around €27 on a mascara that I didn't like so when I received a sample of it as a prize I was delighted!

Lancome Hypnose Mascara* Full Size €27 here
                                                           £22 here

Now this is just the sample packaging, the actual mascara looks like this:

Lancome Hypnose Mascara* €27 here
                                            £22 here

I think these mini sample mascaras are so handy for trying new mascaras, its a pity we cant seem to get them as easily in Ireland, at least I cant anyway! I know you can get loads of sample sized makeup in places like Sephora in the US and Canada etc. IRELAND NEEDS TO GET WITH THE TIMES.

Anyway onto the review..

I liked the fact that this mascara wasn't overly wet or dry. It was perfectly in between, it didn't have an overpowering smell like some mascaras that you can smell when you open the tube and didn't sting my eyes like some mascaras do. 

I did like this mascara and I will continue to use it until its all gone but I'm not sure its worth the €27. I wouldn't even pay €20. Don't get me wrong it does its job, it does a good job of volumising and making my lashes appear thicker but there are far better drugstore mascaras that wow me a bit more and are cheaper.
Its not a bad mascara but theres just nothing special about it to make it worth over €20. 

I mean if you handed this to me in a plain tube with no writing I wouldn't guess it was Lancome or that it was €27. I would guess some cheap drugstore brand for a few euros. 

Have you tried this particular mascara? Is it just me or does anyone like it?
Oooh also tell me your favourite mascara, I'm on the lookout for a new one!
Emma xo

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