Saturday, 2 February 2013

eBay Jewellery Haul

 I LOVE costume jewellery. 
To me, its 'disposable' jewellery. Meaning, I won't keep it forever.
Also, I like to wear it out on nights out etc and to places where it could get broken or lost.
Because of this, I don't like to spend a lot of money on it. 
Which is why I love eBay for costume jewellery. It is literally soooo cheap and a lot of the time its free p&p too!
Granted, it is coming from Hong Kong/China so you have to wait a few weeks for it but its worth it once you see how cheap the jewellery I got was!
I'm all for supporting local, small businesses but some take the absolute piss with over charging. I saw two jewellery websites have the EXACT SAME necklace I bought below. One was charging £14 the other £7. The only other place I was able to find this necklace was eBay.. for 60p (around 70c). 

Because obviously none of these are real gold/silver I'd recommend giving the rings a quick coat of clear nail polish before you wear them to prevent them tarnishing or turning your fingers green!
I coated mine when I opened the packaging (except the wings one, I forgot and its turned slightly pink) and left them overnight to dry!
Anyway enough talking, lets get onto the haul!

Black Triangle Necklace €0.70c here

This first necklace is the one I was talking about above. 
The chain is a little shorter than I expected from looking at the photos of a girl wearing it on the listing (I never read the measurements AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT), it looks longer in the photo of the girl but its a lot shorter. You can remove the chain though and put a longer one on if you wanted to. It still is a really nice necklace with the length it is now.

Geometric Necklace €1.90 here

I LOVE this necklace!! I wore it yesterday and loved it. Its the perfect length too.
The chain looks quite long in the photo but it sits right in the middle of the space between your boobs and the end of your neck (Is there a word for that place? I've no idea).

Large Black Crystal Ring €0.73c here

If you have small hands/fingers like me, I wouldn't recommend this ring. I wear a small in Primark/New Look etc rings and this one is slightly too big which is disappointing. There was no option for choosing sizes. It fits my pointer finger but not my middle finger. Its not adjustable either. If anyone knows any way I can make it fit (unlikely) pleaasse let me know because I do love it! The detail on the side is so pretty!

Gold Wings Ring €0.73c here

I've always loved those incomplete rings (the ones that aren't a complete circle) so I decided to pick this one up because I thought it was cool. It will fit most fingers as it is adjustable, you just push the wings closer together for a tighter fit or pull them apart for a bigger fit. 

Gold Pearl Bow Ring I bought it for €0.73c but the seller has upped the price to €1.16 here

I love bows. I don't know what it is about them but they're just so dainty and pretty!
I love the pearl detail on this bow ring. Its also adjustable so will fit many different sized fingers!

 Silver Rhinestone Black Bow Ring again I bought it for €0.73c but the seller has increased the price to €1.16 here

Now unfortunately this ring is not adjustable. So, me being stupid decide to try and make it adjustable by taking a scissors to the back of it.. I broke the scissors and I also broke the side of the ring. I decided to just overlap the two sides that were broken to make the ring smaller (you can see on the right side of the ring in the left photo where I pushed them together). It doesn't hurt or anything so I don't mind too much but if you have small fingers i wouldn't recommend getting this ring. Just go for the gold adjustable one!

So that's everything I got! I'll definitely be ordering some more jewellery from eBay because it is so cheap and cheerful. I'd recommend having a look at the other items sold by any of the sellers of the items above as there is a whole host of unique and quirky jewellery! I spend about an hour one night just looking at every single item by one particular seller!

Have you ever bought jewellery from eBay?

Emma xo


  1. Such good finds completely agree about local places charging an absolute unnecessary bomb for pieces of jewellery which should be much cheaper! absolutely love the second necklace! :) x

    1. I nearly died when I saw £14!
      Its my favourite one of the two!


  2. Great pieces! I'm loving both of the necklaces. What did we do before ebay?! xx

    1. I know right? I seem to go to eBay for everything now!


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