Sunday, 3 February 2013

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in C'est La Vie (05)

I love this eyeliner. Other than my black eyeliner this is the one I probably use most often. PLUS I don't just use it as a liner.

The texture is sooo creamy and smooth. It applies so well. 
The packaging is one of those twisty ones so there's no need for sharpening.

Its a gorgeous metallic silver colour. I mainly use it when I'm doing dark smokey eyes.
What I do is I will apply my primer and then I will apply this liner ALL OVER MY LID. Yep you heard me. Then I will smudge it in with my finger to make sure all my lid is covered. After that I apply a silver shadow over the top. The liner just makes the silver shadow stand out so much more than it would without the liner. 
Then I just use my grey and black shadows in the crease and the outer corner. 
I also liner my lower waterline and the inner corner of my eyes with this liner as well. It really opens up your eyes.

Its such a pretty liner and for the price you can afford to buy one in every colour!

Emma xo

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