Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Feelin' Dotty - Red and White Nail Art

I was feeling a bit bored today so I decided to try some nail art as doing my nails always seems to relax & entertain me!
Now, It is a little messy as I literally did this in about 10 minutes and took it off afterwards but you get the idea!

I painted my nails red and white alternating between the two. The red colour is OPI Red Lights Ahead..Where? and the white is just a generic no name brand. I need to get a good white nail polish.

To do the dots, you can use a dotting tool that you can buy online or in a store but I just used a hair clip (like below). I opened out the hair clip to about a 90 degree angle and dipped one end into the polish and dotted the polish on my nails. 

Easy and cheap! I just used nail polish remover to clean off the bobby pin afterwards so I can use it again for more nail art! 

I think this would be great as a fun valentines nail look, instead of the typical hearts all over your nails.
You can also change up the colours to whatever you want. I've seen a really nice black and light pink one! 


  1. That's so cute x


  2. Love it will be trying this soon!! Thanks

    1. Tweet me a photo if you do, I'd love to see! x


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