Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Kiko Nail Polish in 372

As much as I love my bright nail polishes, you can't beat a gorgeous nude pink.

Kiki Nail Polish in 372* £3.90 here

I've never used or heard of Kiko polishes so I had no idea what shade this was!
At first I thought it was 4, but when I googled 'Kiko Nail Polish 4' there were no other images of it. I finally figured out the shade is the 3 numbers in the top corner. What the hell is the 4 for then? 

Anyway its a gorgeous nude pink. Inside it looks more nude (like above) but then outside in natural light its more on the pink side. 
I love the formula, it applies so well and only took 2 shades to be opaque. I did 3 just to be sure but for a nude that's amazing! It usually takes around 5 coats of Nails Inc Elizabeth Street before I get to the same opacity as this Kiko polish after 3.
They're also super cheap at £3.90 each on the Kiko UK website!

I really want to pick more up but  I've no idea where they sell them in Ireland! I think a little detective work will be needed!
Unless one of you know where I can get my mitts on these in Ireland?

Whats your favourite nail polish brand?
Are you more of a nude/bright/dark nail polish kinda person?


  1. I haven't heard of them before, it looks lovely, my type of shade, xoxo.


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