Saturday, 23 February 2013

MAC Satin Lipstick 'Rebel' Swatches & Review

Whenever I saw anyone asking for MAC lipstick recommendations Angel and Rebel were always mentioned A LOT. Making them one of my top wish list products. Luckily for me, I managed to score Angel in a blog sale not long ago for around €12 including shipping which is a pretty amazing deal considering it was barely used! 
When I received my box of goodies from a giveaway I won (I know regular readers are probably sick to death of hearing me go on about it in so many posts! SORRY. If you haven't seen my unboxing and want to see what other goodies I got you see them here) and saw this lipstick in it I let out a scream 'YES!' and did a little happy dance while my Dad looked at me like I was crazy..

Anyway its quickly become one of my favourite lipsticks and I love wearing it to brighten up a dull all black outfit. 

MAC Cosmetics Satin Lipstick in Rebel* €17.50 in Brown Thomas & BT2
                           £14 here

So this looks quite scary in the tube, I thought the same at first. When I opened it I was like WOAH, it looks a lot darker than I thought in photos.. but once I swatched it I fell in love. 

As you can see its NOTHING like it is in the tube. I would describe it as a raspberry pink but then again I'm shite with colours. 
I think this is a great example of why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover (or a lipstick by its bullet) and ALWAYS swatch in store. Even if it means walking around with different colours all over your arms legs and face if necessary to find a colour you want. If you're buying online, always look up swatches on google to see how they look on people.

I like to apply it right in the middle of my lips from the bullet and then spread (that sounds disgusting for some reason. As if its butter on bread!) it along my lips using a lip brush for a less intense look. Of course you can go full on and apply it all over from the bullet which is what I do on nights out (especially after a few drinks and I'm just shlappin' it on in the toilets!)

I cant express my love for this lipstick, when it runs out I'll definitely be making a trip to Dublin to get another as its such a gorgeous colour.

Whats your favourite MAC shade??

Emma xo


  1. Glad you like it!! I tried this on in-store at the same time that I picked it up for the giveaway and it just didn't suit me haha but I knew someone out there would love it :) Looks great on you!

    Abundance of Erica

  2. Great color! That is one of my favs!

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  3. Looks so nice on you! I always see it recommended but when I saw the sample in the MAC store I was too scared to try it. Might need to give it a try xx

    1. Thank you! I know I was a bit scared when I opened it but its actually lovely! You should! Even just ask one of the makeup artists in MAC to try it on you with a disposable lip brush to see if you like it on!

  4. It suits your skintone! xoxo.

  5. I agree! Looks great with your skintone! gorgeous colour xo


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