Saturday, 16 February 2013

Penneys Coral Cross Body Bag

The minute I saw it I grabbed it and felt like dancing around the shop. 

I apologise for the awful photos, I took these at night because I just wanted to get this post up so if any of you liked the bag you could go get it too before they're gone!
The photos just don't do this bag justice! If you're in Penneys/Primark, keep an eye out for it and just have a look at it yourself!

Yes you're reading that right NINE EUROS?!!

I'm not sure if you can see the shape of the bag correctly in these photos, its hard to photograph the shape!
When you lift the 'flap' its shaped like a tote bag with the zip at the top.
Which is very handy for me as I stuff my crossbody bags full then when I go to take one thing out everything else on top of it falls out. At least with this, nothing will fall out as its all at the bottom of the bag!

The colour of this reminds me a lot of the Rebecca Minkoff bags. This bag comes in a beige/cream colour and also a black.
I think the colour will be perfect to liven up all black outfits and will be gorgeous in the summer!
I wish they had these in other colourful colours as well, I'd buy them all!


  1. I have a similar one in black fro primark and i use it all the time, I had one similar from river island so was delighted when it was in primark.


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