Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Avon SuperShock Mascara

So you may have seen my review on the Avon SuperExtend Mascara (here) and I was NOT impressed with it at all. So I was a bit wary but also interested in trying the SuperShock Mascara from Avon, this is the 3rd and final item of my Avon prize from Viva Adonis

Avon SuperShock Mascara* £8.50 here (packaging is different but I think the red one is for Christmas)

To put it straight. I love this. It is thankfully NOTHING like the other Avon mascara.
The brush is big but not big enough to get it everywhere, which I love.

I love how it grabs every lash and doesn't make them appear too clumpy. It separates them perfectly.
It doesn't go flaky and lasts all day.
It doesn't have a weird smell, doesn't give me panda eyes and doesn't irritate my eyes.

 are those 4 eyebrows hairs that are lying weird, annoying anyone else?!

 I am really impressed with this mascara and would definitely buy it again. 
THUMBS UP AVON, You've won back my mascara trust.

Have you tried this mascara? I love big lashes, What other mascaras should I try?
Emma xo


  1. You have such pretty eyes :) (sorry if that sounds stalkerish pahaha)

    Danniella x

  2. hahah no it doesnt sound stalkerish, thank you so much xx

  3. You have really pretty eyes, and your eyelashes are to die for. I'm definitely interested in this mascara if it'll make my lashes look like that haha! new follower, hope you make it to 100 soon :)

    Julie x

  4. Aw thank you so much haha!

  5. Sounds about right, it's one of my favorite mascaras. But how many coats did you apply? For me, to get an effect like this, I should apply like 5 coats. The look I usually get is very, very natural.

  6. I used about 2 or 3 coats :)

  7. I've never had good luck with Avon mascara, although the Glimmersticks eyeliners are HG products for me. I might try SuperShock mascara because your lashes look incredible!

  8. The last one I had was horrendous but I love this one. I love their glimmersticks as well!
    Aw thank you :)

  9. Hi Emma! Truly fantastic eyes, shape, colour, waw! :) Have you heard of the Avon supershock brights mascaras? It is a special edition, in mascaras and glimmersticks.


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