Monday, 14 January 2013

Cheap Contact Lenses at

Hi guys so I wanted to let you all know about this website that I buy my contact lenses from. 
I used to buy them from Specsavers which cost me €30 a month. 
On I get 3 months for €32! 

I know you're probably thinking 'oh I'd rather stick to a brand I trust'. Well, most opticians have their own brand. Which actually is the exact same lenses that are on the get lenses website, except in different packaging. They're made by the same manufacturer! 
The lenses I used to get were Specsavers own brand, they're the exact same as the Air Optix Aqua.

You can see the Opticians Own Brand Conversion chart here this will show you which contact lenses are the same as your opticians own brand. They have a huge list so I'm sure you'll find your current brand there! They also offer free shipping in Ireland. 
If you are international you can go to the bottom of and choose your country for the international websites.

I've been using this website for about 4 or 5 months now and have had no problems with the lenses etc. They feel no different to my Specsavers ones yet save me so much money! 

Also I wanted to let you all know if you are ordering over €50 worth of lenses, you can get €10 off your first order using this code*: 2347727F 
You don't HAVE to use this code, but I wanted to share it with you anyway, maybe save you some money!

Emma xo 

*I'm not being paid by GetLenses to write this post, I use the website myself and know how expensive contact lenses can be for someone like me who wears them everyday. Please be aware that this was a code I was sent in an email and is related to my GetLenses account, if you use the code I receive €5 off my next order. I'm only sharing this code so that anyone who orders can get €10 off their order NOT so I can get money. If you all didn't benefit from it, I wouldn't be sharing it. I hope you all understand that and don't think I'm trying to make money off you all. I just want to share a discount with you.

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