Friday, 4 January 2013

Top Picks from... BAGS GLORIOUS BAGS!

So a while back I won a giveaway hosted by and won a gorgeous brown bag. Ever since then I regularly visit the site and browse the bags (I've been dying over the pink skull one below, wow). I decided to share my top 3 bags from the site with you guys! Maybe you'll find something YOU like on the site? 
1: Fushia - Skull Decorative Bag with Long Chain £16.65 (on sale at the moment). This is the bag I've been lusting after for a few weeks now! Its about €20 not including shipping so I need to get my hands on the funds for this baby! I keep imagining how amazing it would look with certain outfits! This comes in a few different colours if pink isn't to your taste!

2: Brown Studded & Zipper Pockets Ladies Handbag £20.69 (on sale also!). This is such a gorgeous bag, I looove the studs on the side. It adds a little something to the bag without it being gaudy or tacky. This comes in 3 colours.

3: Apricot - Smart Bag With Charm Pendant £20.69 (on sale again! WOO BARGAINS GALORE). I think if I got this I'd be fighting with my Mam over it! Its such a pretty bag. As its quite a 'smart' dressy bag I think it would dress up a lot of boring outfits (which is essentially ALL my outfits) without looking over dressed. I love the charm on it. Like the bag above it adds a little oomph to the bag without being over the top or naff.

If I could, I'd buy all of these (Celtic Tiger please come back, I miss you.). So those are my 3 top picks from this particular site, I might do some more of these with other smaller online stores. Almost like a bit of a sharing the love/shoutout to amazing stores I've found online.

Whats your favourite bag from the site? What do you think my my top 3 picks?
Emma xo

Oh and no I am not being paid/sponsored whatever you want to call it by DazzleBug. I've won a bag from them before in a giveaway and genuinely love the bags on the site. 


  1. I am really grateful and happy you like my site you are a very nice girl I'm so pleased you won! I wish you all the best of luck in the future and with your flourishing blog Ami Dazzlebug xx

  2. I see my bag, the gorgeous tan one with the studs. Ami is a lovely lady too, Dazzlebug have the most stunning bags :)

  3. So pretty isnt it?! I know shes soooo nice, always up for a chat!


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