Friday, 11 January 2013

HAIR SAVIOUR: HASK Macadamia Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Ever since I had my hair stripped of the dark hair dye I'd been using for years its been extremely dry. 
I picked up this HASK Macadamia Hot Oil Treatment on a whim in the local pharmacy to try as I'd heard a lot of good things about hot oil treatments.
Let me just say, I am impressed.

HASK Macadamia Hot Oil Treatment 
What you do is you put tube into a cup of warm (NOT hot or boiling) water for about a minute then apply to wet hair and massage for 1 minute. Personally I'd recommend leaving it in the cup for longer than a minute as when I picked up the tube it felt warm but once I cut the top and poured the oil into my hand it was pretty much cold (oddly enough it worked REALLY well, I can only imagine how it would work if it was hot).
After massaging it through you rinse and shampoo as usual. I also conditioned my hair, I'm not sure if you're supposed to do that but my hair gets ridiculously knotted so I was like ahh hell no and slapped a bit of conditioner on the ends.

Afterwards I dried my hair as usual and immediately noticed the ends didn't feel as dry.
Now, obviously its not a miracle worker, if your hair is dry or damaged at the ends it not going to miraculously be like newly grown hair after one use.

I took some before and after shots to show you my hair. 
Please bear in mind in the before shot that my hair was up in a bun for 2 days before I took it down to take the photo and in the after shot my hair is blow-dried fairly straight so it will look a bit more smooth in the after shot but I definitely felt a difference in the dryness.
I don't want to mislead people into thinking it magically cured my hair!

                                           BEFORE:                                                  AFTER:

I'm sorry that I'm not sure of the exact price of this as I got it before Christmas and I can't seem to find it online. I found this in my local pharmacy so I'm sure you can find it somewhere in your town/city! You can also find it on ebay/amazon etc.
It wasn't more than €2 though. 

This tube is 1 fl oz and there's a lot of product in it for that! I have a lot of hair and it coated all of it really well.
I definitely want to pick up a few more of these to use once a week until my hair has recovered from the terror that is having your hair professionally stripped.

Have any of you tried this particular hair oil or if you've tried and loved another hot oil treatment please let me know as I really want to try a few others as well!
Emma xo

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