Saturday, 26 January 2013

Eyeliner as Lipliner??? Barry M Kohl Pencil in KP23 Hot Pink

I actually picked this liner up yeaaars ago during the whole 'neon' teenage disco era and its stood untouched with the rest of my eyeliners for years.. until recently..
Is it weird that I've started using this as a lip pencil.. 
although.. chances are it is.

Oh well.. I don't care, I think it works well as a lip liner for the odd occasion when I'm wearing a hot pink lipstick!

I would show you it on but my lips are HORRENDOUS today, because I've been sick the last few days my lips have been neglected by my body :'( Even my nails are breaking easily.
Here comes the science-y facts I learned in college.
When you're sick, your body focuses all its attention on getting that particular area better and as a result your skin, lips, nails and even your hair suffer. 
ANYWAY hopefully if I'm better by the time this post goes live I can throw in a photo of me using it as a lipliner!

Have any of you ever used an eyeliner as a lipliner??
Or am I just the lone weirdo in the world?? 

Emma xo 


  1. I can't imagine wearing that colour as a eyeliner much more acceptable as a lip liner ;)

    1. i know I've no idea why the hell I bought it!


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