Sunday, 30 December 2012

Purely Natural: 1 For All Face Scrub Review

You guys know I'm constantly complaining about my dry skin (I know, I know I should shut up about it) so when I was given the opportunity to try a product from Purely Natural I knew I wanted to try a scrub! 
Although after I got to the website I was lured in by all the different products and it took me forever to decide what I wanted! I finally talked myself into going with my original plan of a scrub and chose the 1 For All Face Scrub.

Purely Natural 1 For All Face Scrub* 100ml £6.95 here

''This 100% natural face scrub will leave your skin feeling lovely and smooth that’s a guarantee. Your new best friend, if you are looking to add a glow to your skin.''

It is 100% Natural ,Vegan  and handmade (yaaay) and contains the following ingredients:

Fine Sugar from sugar beet,
Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the paste of olives,
Jojoba Oil from the seeds of jojoba plant,
Sunflower Oil from the tasty sunflower seeds,
Vitamin E Oil the powerful anti oxidant,
Jasmine Oil from white jasmine flowers,
Lavender Oil from purple lavender plants,
Rose-Geranium Oil from the flowers, leaves & stalks of the herb.

P.S Click on the ingredients above to learn exactly what each one does and which Purely Natural products its used in!

It claims to:
spoil your skin by moisturising & exfoliating
leave your skin feeling reborn
be packed full of natural goodies
be suitable for all skin types
be 'the ultimate natural face scrub'

Ok enough of the technical stuff, if you'd like more information on the actual product you can find it all here. Onto what I thought about it!..

The 1 For All Face Scrub can be used on any skin type (hence the 1 For All part), they also have a '0 Tolerance' (Sensitive skin dontcha know) '2 Dry' and '4 Oily' range. I LOVE PUNS.

I also LOVE that they are 100% natural, with my iffy skin (eczema flare ups and extreme dryness) I'm a bit wary about what products I use as some ingredients can cause my eczema to flare up so due to the naturalness (is that even a word?) I had no problem slapping this baby on my face!

The minute I opened the packaging I could smell it! It has this amazing lavender-y smell.
If you don't like lavender, this may not be for you!
The consistency is very grainy, which I like. It reminds me a lot of the Soap & Glory Flake Away (although I'm pretty sure S&G isn't 100% natural and vegan, I'm no S&G expert though).
When I was actually using it, it felt like I was rubbing sand on my face, so I knew I was getting a good exfoliation! Despite the consistency, it didn't actually make my skin feel sore or 'over scrubbed' afterwards which is a plus with my sensitive skin! My face definitely felt smoother afterwards! Plus the grainy-ness means you really don't need to use a lot! I hate those scrubs with the stupid little balls in them that you need to use a mountain of product to get a decent exfoliation.

I decided to try it out on my body also as I'd run out of my regular body scrub and I needed to prep for tan. Needless to say I was veerry impressed. I'm not going to lie I was a bit skeptical as it was a face scrub and with my eczema etc I have a lot of dry patches on my body but I definitely saw an improvement in my dry patches afterwards! So much so that I went back to the website to see if they had a body version and you can bet your bottom dollar (I don't even know what that means..) they do! According to the website its a 'best seller' and you can find it here. I'm definitely curious as to how well the body version works and I may just have to place a sneaky order!

If you haven't tried Purely Natural yet and you're interested in using 100% natural products on your skin then I'd definitely recommend them, although I haven't tried their other products YET (I may have to add a few more to my basket when I'm ordering the body scrub ;)) if they work as well as this face scrub then they get a thumbs up from me also.

Have any of you tried or heard about this range yet?
What did you think?

Oooh and what other products would you recommend from them?

Emma xo

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