Saturday, 19 January 2013

Baylis & Harding Beauticology Vanilla Frosting Foot Lotion

My Mam actually got this in a gift set for Christmas along with a pair of slippers and some foot soak crystals but unlike me, she's not really into any kind of pampering/bath/body products so she gave them to me!

Beauticology Vanilla Frosting Foot Lotion

Lately my feet have been sooo dry, my feet have taken quite a beating in heels, especially over the christmas period so I thought I'd give myself a mini pedicure!

I exfoliated my feet with a very harsh grainy exfoliator and dried them well with a towel. ALWAYS make sure to dry your feet well as leaving them damp, especially between the toes (ew I feel sick even writing this) is what causes nasty foot fungus and infections!

Now that the gross part is over..
*TIP* I then popped a pair of cotton socks on the radiator to warm up a bit and smothered my feet in this lotion before popping on the warm socks to make sure it was all absorbed into my skin. Oh my god it smells soooo good. I actually wanted to eat it. It definitely smells sweet like vanilla frosting. 

I went to bed and the next morning when I took the socks off my feet felt sooo much smoother! I'd let you guys know what the lasting power of the scent is but I thought it would be weird to smell my feet..

Annywaaaay moving along, this is such a nice foot lotion, its not too thick but not too runny either. I love the packaging as well the gingerbread men are so cute!
 I cant wait to do this again and I might even use the soaking crystals!

You can find the exact set my Mam recieved here for £25.00 including the crystals and slippers OR I did find another CHEAPER one with this foot lotion and a pair of super cosy fluffy socks! You can find it here for £5.65.

Has anyone else tried this yummy smelling enough to eat foot lotion?
Emma xo


  1. i'm learning a lot about baylis and harding tonight i just made a post about their candles! i love the packaging of this the gingerbread men are super cute! xx

    1. Oh really? I'll have to check that out! i didnt even know they did candles!

  2. I've tried so many Baylis&Harding shower and bath products and I was alergic to all them, however this looks trustful. The packaging is cute:)

    1. Aw really? That's a pity! I love the gingerbread men haha

  3. Hey Emma! Found your blog on Fiona's guest blogger post. Love your cute blog and am now following you on GFC. Check out mine:-)


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