Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Essence Kajal Pencil in Cool Breeze (11)

One of my favourite brands for colourful makeup is Essence because I don't wear colourful makeup often I don't like to spend a fortune on it. 
With Essence, I don't feel guilty for not wearing it often as it was so cheap!
I bought this eyeliner aagggess ago because I loved the colour of it so much. 

Its a gorgeous turquoise colour which is so nice on the lower lash line to add a bit of colour. 
If you were doing a bright turquoise makeup look you could even apply this all over the lid to really make the eyeshadow colours stand out.

''Thanks to its longlasting formula, this kajal pencil will give your eyes a more than special touch.''

The Essence kajal liners are only €1.49 which is ridiculously cheap. They feel really smooth and don't drag on your eyes when applying.
These are great to keep in your makeup collection, especially if you are a makeup artist or just like to try out wild makeup looks.

Would you ever wear a bright colour like this??
Emma xo

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