Tuesday, 4 December 2012

MAKEUP MADNESS: Green Festive 'Grinchy' Makeup Look

So I was extremely bored tonight and decided to go crazy with makeup. I'm more of a neutral or grey/black smokey eye looks, occasionally using a dark blue/navy or a dark purple in my smokey eye but other than that I usually stay away from colours. 
I always think coloured eye looks in magazines etc always look amazing but never actually use them on myself so I decided to try it since I wasn't going anywhere!
I already had makeup on from earlier that day (eyeliner and mascara) so it was only a matter of throwing on some eyeshadow.

I used 3 palettes for this look. An 88 palette that you can get pretty much anywhere, I got mine from Fraulein38.com like 2 years ago, my Fuschia 5 pan palette (review here) and my Urban Decay preen palette (review here).

excuse my eyebrows I'm trying to grow them out!

I do have to admit its a little messy and I could have put some under my lower lashes, I literally threw it on in like 3 minutes but WHATEVZ.
It was only to try it out and then I decided I might aswell post it! 

I might do another of these at the weekend (and do it more carefully), I can't really do them during the week because I'm at the gym most days and already have my eyeliner and mascara on when I'm back so can't be bothered putting eyeshadow on! If I do it ends up looking like this hot mess haha.

Emma xo


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