Friday, 14 December 2012

River Island Simple Cross Body Bag from

Every time I read that title I picked a body bag with a cross on it or something haha.

So is one of my FAVOURITE online websites. (Now before I start my praising of ASOS, no I am not being paid to say this etc. I am just genuinely in love with this site, if I could marry it I would). 
Not only do they have a bazillion different brands and departments to choose from, they also do FREE SHIPPING WOOOHOOO. I hate paying €5 for other websites to ship to me. Now, I ALWAYS head straight to when I want a browse, I don't even bother checking other websites (I used to be a serial online window shopper) because I know I'm not going to pay the shipping price on other sites (stingey I know :P)

On my many online window shopping trips to, I always go to the bag section just to look at this one particular bag. A black cross body bag. My current cross body bag has a broken zip so I was in need of a new one BUT I didn't fancy paying €25 with Christmas coming up. So I put it off, and put it off and put it off UNTIL were having a 20% off EVERYTHING sale with a coupon code. For some reason I was willing to pay €20 for it but not €25... I don't know is that weird? I think its weird but when I saw €20 I was like ONLY €20? YES PLEASE.. I don't know.. Anyway, I was on it like a car bonnet (Geordie Shore waahheeyy ;)) and threw that baby into my basket immediately and without a second thought checked out.

I waited patiently for it to come and it actually came quite fast, I ordered it on the 9th of December and it was shipped on the 10th and arrived at my door on the 13th. Most things from the UK take FOREVER to come to me. I couldn't help but open it before I took photos but WHATEVZ I don't think you guys care about packaging anyway but I'll show you..

River Island Simple Cross Body Bag €25 (£18) (here)

It actually looked smaller on the website but I don't mind the bigger size. it just means I can fit more crap in it!

I love the gold 'RI' detailing on the front and the gold clasps on the strap. The clasps mean you can take the long strap off and use it as a clutch as well! 

The strap starts off as a chain but is leather like (fake obviously) where it goes over your shoulder which makes it more comfortable. I love the attention to detail on this bag!

Inside is very spacious, it has two little pockets for your phone or keys or lipgloss or whatever you wanna put in it and also a zip pocket. 

I am soooo in love with this bag and I cant wait to start using it. I love using cross body bags on nights out, I don't wanna lug around a huge bag with me all night and I'd probably lose a clutch so these are handy to throw across your body and forget about! I also love them for shopping because when you're browsing through rails and trying to carry clothes to the changing rooms or tills its annoying carrying a bag as well!

Did you bag any bargains when ASOS had their 20% off everything sale?
Do you prefer cross body bags or big 'fits everything but the kitchen sink' bags?
Emma xo


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