Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blistex Relief Cream for Sore Dry Chapped Lips

I suffer with the most horrendously dry chapped lips in winter. 
I have a habit of biting and picking at the dry bits (i know ew) which causes my lips to bleed. Then a scab of dry skin will grow over it which I will proceed to pick again. Its a vicious circle. I don't even know I'm doing it sometimes.
I've used Blistex Relief Cream before but had run out and decided to pick it up again..

*Btw I'm sorry I don't have any before and after photos, when I started using this my camera was dead and the charger was in Germany with my brother!*

Blistex Relief Cream around €3.25 in any chemist/pharmacy

Now, I bought this yesterday. My lips were in an awful state, I had picked them for a few days and they were full of dry patches, and scabs from where they were bleeding. I used this all day yesterday reapplying it about 5-6 times. Today, I've applied it about 3 times and my lips are sooo much better like its almost shocking how fast this works! I've never found another lip balm that works this well, this fast. 

It almost tingles on your lips when you apply it and is extremely cooling and soothing. 
Seriously, if you suffer from extrememly dry chapped lips, then I reaaally recommend you at least try this for a few days. Its only about €3.25. Its such an underrated product.

The only complaint I have is the packaging. The actual squeezy tube it comes it. Its like a metal material so when you start to run out and try to bend or roll it, it splits and all the stuff spills out of the splits. Also when you open it, you don't really need to squeeze it much, the product just sort of comes out itself, if you squeeze it too much it doesn't stop coming out and you have to put the lid back on really fast and it kind of ends up everywhere.

Have you tried this? What do YOU think?
Also whats your favourite lip balm for dry lips? I'm on the lookout for a few more!
Emma xo

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