Thursday, 13 December 2012

Infinity Black Cord Bracelet

I've always liked the look of these bracelets but there was no way I was paying like €5 plus another €5 shipping on some jewellery website. I decided to hit ebay and see what I could find.

I loove this bracelet! I've been wearing it none stop since I got it!

Gold Infinity Bracelet €2.45

The exact bracelet I bought can be found  here
You can check out the sellers other items here.

I chose a black cord with a gold infinity charm on it.
There were a few other colours and also silver but I don't have much gold jewellery so decided to go with this one! I might actually get another in silver!

Shipping did take a long time but it did come from Hong Kong and the shipping was free so I have no complaints about that!
The metal part did also come off after a few hours of wear as the ring wasn't closed properly but I just used a pliers to close the ring back up.

Overall, for the price I really like this bracelet and definitely want to buy some more jewellery from Ebay!
I was thinking of getting another few to give away to you guys?

Emma xo


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