Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Essence 'Eyebrow Designer' Eyebrow Pencil

For as long as I've been filling in my eyebrows I've been using the Brow Splitz from Fushcia, which is like an eyeshadow (you use a brush to apply), I picked this Essence pencil up to try.
Overall I actually really like this! For only €1.89 it does a really good job! I love that it comes with a handy little brush on the lid and it doesn't seem to fade (by 'it doesn't seem', i mean I havent noticed it fading).

The one thing I would complain about though is the colour selection. It comes in 3 colours (that's all I saw where I live). 01 is a very light brown which would be suitable for blondes. 02 is 'brown' which is the one I have and 03 is a black. Personally I find that the brown is too light for my hair (which is dark brown but tends to look black) but the black would be waaaay too dark and would look ridiculous so I wish they had a dark brown.

               *p.s one of my eyebrows looks lighter than the other in the photos because I'm sitting infront of a window and the lighting is very strange, they're the same in real life haha.
Its still a really good pencil though especially for the price, so I might just put up with having lighter eyebrows than I'd prefer!
Emma xo

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