Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fade to Grey.


So I wasnt really sure what to call this post. I wanted it to be random so I just picked a random song with the word 'grey' in it. ANYWHOOOOO, This is what I wore today. I was just running into town so I wanted something comfy.
If I had to pick a word for my 'style' it would be 'simple'. Which is probably why Im so obsessed with LLYMLRS.com, I wouldnt usually wear what she wears but I still love what she wears and I love seeing her outfit posts.
My jeans are just normal grey skinny jeans that you can get anywhere. The t-shirt is just something I picked up in Penneys (Primark) because I liked the print on it. I can't remember the exact price but for some reason my brain is telling me €7? I got the blazer a while ago in a local shop but the tag says the brand is Nikka, I wanted one for a while and it was on sale for €20 down from €40! I love the material, its sooo soft. Plus the inside is leopard print! I just paired it with some comfy black pumps from Penneys again and then a black cross body bag.
I kept my makeup pretty simple, you'll see it in my Essence Brow Pencil review which will be posted soon.
Emma xo

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