Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream Moisturiser

I absolutely LOVE this moisturiser.

''A medium-weight cream with soothing botanicals and antioxidant vitamins to maintain skin’s moisture balance while improving texture, helping to restore suppleness and tone. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.''

I have very dry skin/eczema but at the moment I have it under control so I wanted a moisturiser that wasnt too thin or too thick. The 'Active Moist' moisturiser is a little too thin for my skin but the 'Intensive Moisturiser' is very thick so I only like to use it if my skin is extremely dry or acting up. The Skin Smoothing Cream is bang smack in the middle so is perfect. Its creamy but not thick and feels soooo good on your skin.
Id recommend this for anyone whos skin is more on the drier side but not severely dry or flaking.

My skin is extremely sensitive so I have to be careful with what products I put on it. One bad product and my skin will freak out in angry red dry patches. Ive tried every skincare brand going but nothing ever worked for me until I tried Dermalogica. Honestly, if you have problem skin and havent tried any Dermalogica products I highly recommend you do. You can try one of their skin kits which are perfect for first timers who dont want to shell out alot of money and not know if it will work for them(review here).

Anyywaaaay, back to the moisturiser. The one I have is the 'professional' size (177ml the one they use in salons) which are not for retail sale. The two retail sizes available are 50ml and 100ml.



    50ml: £31.00                                                                                                          100ml: £44.00

They may seem expensive but they are soooo worth the investment. Especially since they actually work! They are both still huge sizes that will last such a long time because you literally need a tiny amount. I only use a pea size amount so imagine how long 50ml or 100ml will last you?
You can buy them from the dermalogica website here or buy from a local stockist!

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