Saturday, 29 September 2012

Cute DIY Storage for Handmade Soaps

Just a quick little post showing how I store my handmade soap. The soap in this post is by Beauty Emporium (review here). 
First, I cut up my slabs into cubes using a kitchen knife and then wrapped them individually in clingfilm (to protect them). This just makes it easier to grab a piece to take to the shower. Without leaving the whole slab in the shower to dissolve and get gross. Plus I think it looks so much cuter like this! Obviously try and make the clingfilm a lot neater wrapped around it, Because I was only trying it out I just ripped pieces of clingfilm off and threw them together but really liked how it turned out so Ill try to be neater next time and actually use scissors!

Because I only have a few at the moment, I popped them into this martini glass I got from a friend for my 18th. Bonus points for the fact you can smell them when you walk into my room. SOOO GOOD. When I do expand my 'collection' I'm going to transfer them into a glass cookie jar like one of these.

I'm also gonna get some bath bombs and stuff like that to pop into the jar too. I think it will look really pretty with all the different coloured soaps! You could also try a pretty glass bowl. 

P.S do be careful around small children as they may think they're sweets haha! I keep mine on my makeup container on my dressing table so they're not accessible to a toddler like my cousin.

Emma xo


  1. That's so pretty!! I store my soaps in a jar like your picture above, but a fancy bowl is way cuter!! Thanks for the idea! =D

    ♡ M.May

    1. You're welcome, thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it :)



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