Sunday, 26 August 2012

China Glaze Nail Strenghtener & Growth Formula Review

So I got this product because my nails were peeling constantly and used it for a few weeks as directed on the packaging.
''Apply two coats to clean, bare nails every other day for four weeks. Do not apply lacquer over this coating.''

It goes on clear and looks almost like a top coat. After a few weeks of using this I noticed my nails weren't peeling as much anymore! I used to bite my nails alot but if there was a product on my nails I wouldnt, so using this helped me stop biting aswell! Ive noticed my nails are also alot stronger now and don't bend as much as they used to so at the moment I use this in between painting my nails to keep them strong!
I do think theres quite alot of product in the bottle than needed (I have practically a full bottle left) so would prefer if the bottle was smaller and cheaper. But I guess I'll have it incase I ever need it again!

I got mine in a local Sally Salon Services (you can find your local stockist here) but you can get it online on for £8.29 here.


  1. I have really dry nails, I wonder if this would help mine?! Good to hear it's worked!
    Robyn Mayday

  2. This will help strengthen them so if they break or flake easily due to dryness then yes it could. Soaking your nails in warm massage oil (just pop it in a small bowl in the microwave) and massaging the remainder into the cuticles can also help with dryness! I could go on all day about nails haha.


  3. I need anything to strengthen my nails, thank you for this informative review! I'll try it out :)

    Helen xx


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