Sunday, 12 May 2013

Weekly Update

I almost forgot about the weekly update this week! So Im writing this from my bed, while I dance away by myself to Play Hard by David Guetta. I'm obsessed. Oh and also Demi Lovato Heart Attack. That girl can sing.
This week was pretttyyy boring. I was basically working all week. I started taking random photos throughout the day for either 'day in the life' or 'week in photos' posts though!
I had a day off on Thursday and literally spent it in my pjs on the sofa. I was supposed to drop something into the salon for the manager and ended up getting my Mam to do it so I didn't have to get dressed or do my makeup hahaha. 
I did go out last night though! I am paying for it today :( Usually I don't get hangovers but the last 2 weeks I have as I've changed what I drink on nights out now. I won't go into detail about the events of that night as they are pretty mortifying. I managed to walk around all night in over 6 inch heels perfectly fine and right as I was about to get into the car to go home I fell on my ass. Yep. Typical.
Thankfully I'm not working tomorrow as we're closed on Mondays so I have another day to recover!
I don't have any photos from last night to share as we didn't actually take any :(

God that was a boring post!? Oh well. Its better than nothing eh?!
I hope you all had a good week, a more eventful week than me hopefully??
Emma xo

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