Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Favourite New Shows

While chatting on twitter with a friend about some new tv shows I got the idea to write a post, sharing my new favourite shows with you all! Hopefully some of you will end up loving these as much as I do!
I've also included some of my other not so new favourite shows at the end..


Defiance is about a town (called Defiance) set years in the future, where aliens and people live together. It is quite old timey looking as everything was destroyed after a huge war. I PROMISE its not as nerdy as it sounds. Its not cheesey or anything. I remember my Dad was watching the first episode and I was like 'ugh here we ago another boring nerdy show like Star Gate/ Star Trek etc. But after a few minutes I was hooked! Now I have it on series link and watch it with my Dad every week. It is sooooo good! The effects and makeup are amazing. Its already a few episodes in but if you wanted to start watching it, I'm sure you can find the first few episodes online to catch up. I would recommend watching the first episode as it kind of explains everything or you can look it up on Wikipedia and it explains how the aliens and people came to live together.

''In a near future where Earth is almost alien, a human drifter and his adopted Irathient daughter put down roots in Defiance, a community where humans and Votans coexist in the ruins of St. Louis.''


I was always fascinated by Hannibal Lector. I never actually saw Silence of The Lambs but being a bit of a weirdo I was fascinated by the cannibalism. So when I found out there was a show coming out, I immediately knew I'd be watching it. Now, the first episode is extremely confusing. It takes a lot of concentration and thinking before you finally understand whats happening (I advise watching the episode to the end, I was considering turning it off halfway through I was so confused, by the end I got it). If any of you do watch it and are still confused please do drop me an email and I'll explain the first episode to you. I have no problems doing this! 

''Hannibal is an American thriller television series based on characters and elements appearing in the novel Red Dragon by Thomas Harris and focuses on the budding relationship between FBI special investigator Will Graham - who has the ability to emphatize with serial killers - and Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a forensic psychiatrist destined to become Graham's most cunning enemy.''


I love the Kardashians. Enough said.


I LOVEEE THIS SHOW. I am obsessed with crime shows and this is my favourite of them all. If you like crime shows seriously watch this. Not only does it follow crimes etc it also follows the lives of the FBI officers as well.


I've been hooked since this came out. I highly recommend it. Its such a well written show with so many twists and turns. If you don't watch this you are really missing out. I would recommend starting from episode one though instead of watching halfway through the second series. Some things wont make sense if you don't.

''Emily Thorne comes to the Hamptons, renting a home next to the Grayson family to enjoy the summer. However, it is revealed that Emily has been to the Hamptons before, as a little girl. In reality, Emily is Amanda Clarke, whose father was framed for a crime he did not commit and sent to prison for life, and later murdered in the prison. She was permanently separated from him when she was a little girl and never saw him again. Now, she has returned to the Hamptons, intent on getting revenge on those who wronged her and her father. At the top of her list is Victoria Grayson, matriarch of the Grayson family and the woman whom her father loved and who, in the end, betrayed him. Emily wants to get revenge on all the people who had a part in destroying her childhood and worked with the Grayson family to wrongfully convict her father.
As she sets her plan in motion, Emily tries to navigate the upper society to destroy those who betrayed her father. But the further she goes, the more her emotions get involved and the more she questions her motives and the moves she makes.''


Yes. I know. While I do not approve of their actions/behaviour, you have to admit its hilarious to watch. Their behaviour has me wetting myself laughing at times, then staring in shock at others. An overall good fun comedy when you need a good laugh.

For you girls/boys who do not live in Ireland or the UK. This show is similar to Jersey Shore. It is set in Wales in the UK. A bunch of young people from a small village are brought to a larger city to 'follow their dreams', I think they tried to go in a different direction than the ever so popular Geordie Shore (set in Newcastle) - where the cast just party constantly and do occasional random jobs - by having the cast actually trying to make it as models, singers, DJS etc. This only takes up about 20% of the show, the rest is them partying and being crazy in the house basically.


Anger Management is Charlie Sheens new show after leaving (or being kicked off) Two and A Half Men. He plays Charlie (how creative) an anger management therapist, who holds regular anger mangement classes at his house. The anger therapy group is the same each time, all of who are hilarious, they are such a diverse group. A spoiled diva, a grumpy old man, a very fabulous gay man and a young, slightly (I'm being kind saying slightly) dim man with a huge crush on the diva. Occassionally Charlie visits a prison to hold an anger therapy session and the inmates are just so funny. The show also features Charlies very attractive and hilarious ex wife, his daughter who suffers from OCD and his friend and therapist Kate with whom Charlie has a secret no strings attached sexual relationship with them both being in denial about their feelings for one anoher.


I was devastated when Charlie was killed off. I didn't want to like the new series but I gotta admit its pretty good. Its not the same as when Charlie was in it, but its still watchable. Although does Alan annoy the crap out of anyone else? The writers did a hell of a job because they've made me actually hate him haha. He's such an annoying little leech who needs to get his own life. He's pathetic. He has his own business HOW CAN HE NOT MOVE OUT?! Oh yeah because he'd rather leech off someone else.


I love this show. Max is sooo funny. 
For anyone that hasn't heard of it. Caroline is a rich spoilt woman who, when her father is sent to prison for stealing money, she loses everything. She ends up working at a shabby diner and meets Max. She ends up living with Max. They start an at home cupcake business, Max doing the baking and Caroline running it. The show is based on them trying to raise enough money to open their own cupcake shop with very funny trials and erros along the way. I won't spoil whether or not they manage it. Its a good all round funny show that provides entertainment for half an hour. 

So thats all my current favourite shows, of course I have others that the season has ended so I haven't included them as they are currently not on tv. 
If any of you watch any of these please let me know so we can chat about them :D
Emma xo


  1. YES! I love the valleys!! Also was thinking of watching hannibal, I might give it a go now :)

    x x

    1. Its so funny haha. You should its soo good!


  2. Omg i love 2 broke girls! I have watched the valleys lol i dont plan to anytime soon hehe. I watched the 2 hour special/pilot of defiance and i thought it was ok, cant get the motivation to watch anymore though.

    You missed Scandal outta the list! And game of thrones :O

    You also didnt add tele shows you disliked :)

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    1. Haha its soo good!
      Ohh i dont think I saw the 2 hour one? I don't remember watching it for 2 hours!
      Ive never heard of Scandal, and I never got game of thrones haha, not my thing :)


  3. I love Criminal Minds and Two and a Half Men those are two of my favorite shows!

  4. Love the Kardashians! and I am becoming slowly obsessed with The Valleys! I am a new fellow irish follower, please check out my blog if you get a chance xxxx

    1. Its shocking but hilarious haha.
      Yep I'll definitely have a look!



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