Sunday, 5 May 2013

Weekly Update #4

So first of all, I want to apologise for my lack of posts. 
I started work last Tuesday and have been trying to figure out a blogging schedule around work. I'm usually too tired afterwards to blog at night so I'm trying to write a few on my days off to schedule!
So far its going great! I'm loving it. They're all so nice!
I definitely got lucky and got into a nice place to work.
I haven't really done anything exciting this week as I've been working. I was supposed to go shopping on my day off on Thursday with my friend Lisa but she ended up having to work that day! We're trying to reschedule for next week!
I may be going out tomorrow night (that would be tonight when this is posted!) but I don't plan on drinking much. Having a sober night is going to interesting haha.
I'll be testing out my new shoes. Omg seriously you should see these shoes. When I saw them online I didn't think they looked that high but when they came I was like holy crap. THEY'RE HUGE! The heel is 6.25 inches. The platform is 2 inches so the heel isnt THAT high but I'm still not used to being that high off the ground haha. Plus I'm so used to wearing wedges for the last year that heels feel weird!
I'll definitely do a post showing you them because they are gorgeous.

I hope you all had a lovely week (feel free to share below!) and please bear with me while I try to figure out my blogging schedule!

Emma xo


  1. Those shoes sound terrifying and fabulous in equal measure - look forward to seeing your post on them!

    1. Haha I wore them last night and thankfully I managed to not break my legs!


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