Thursday, 23 May 2013

NOTD - Shellac French Paint

One of the perks of working in a salon is of course the free treatments. I love painting my nails, but there's nothing I love more than having someone else do it for me. Especially when its Shellac, I have no patience for sitting around waiting for nail polish to dry. Also, I like that it doesn't chip as quickly as normal polish. I find that normal polish will chip within a few hours, whereas I get about a week out of the Shellac which is pretty amazing considering I put my nails to hard work A LOT.
The other morning I had one of the other girls in the salon do this french paint Shellac polish on my nails. I was seriously so excited all day I could not stop looking at them. I love a french paint I think its classy and just goes with everything.



  1. Nice nails! I love having someone else paint my nails too.

  2. this is beautiful! im definitely doing this the next time im at the salon :)

  3. This is so neat and looks beautiful!

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    Hope you participate!


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