Friday, 23 November 2012

Colour B4 Extra Hair Colour Remover & My Experience

*P.S All before & after photos are at the end of the post. Its worth reading the post though as I explain the photos*

So today I'm going to talk you through the Colour B4 Hair Colour Remover Kit and my umm experience with it.

Ok so before I get into the actual product I'm going to need to give you little bit of a back story on my hair.
I've been dying my hair using the L'Oreal Casting Creme hair dye in 'darkest brown' (basically the darkest brown before black) for the past 2-3 years. Before that my hairdresser was dying it a similar colour (Im naturally a light brown..I think..its been about 8 years since I've been my natural colour)
To be honest my hair was basically black, everyone thought it was black and it looked black in photos. 

see? black. I shouldn't speak while taking a photo should I? This was the only photo which truly showed the blackness of my hair!

So I decided I wanted to go to a medium brown so I asked my hairdresser to strip my hair. She said no way and decided to put brown highlights through it to make it appear lighter. Long story short I ended up with orange streaks through my hair. I decided to go ahead and strip my hair myself using Colour B4 after seeing rave reviews about it. I wasn't sure whether to get 1 or 2 bottles but someone on twitter said they had longer thicker hair than me and 1 was fine. So I bought one. BIG MISTAKE..

So now that the history lesson is over onto the actual Colour B4 process. I went for  the 'Extra' version for dark/red hair. I also bought a brown hair dye to be ready in case my hair was orange and I needed to dye it. The great thing about Colour B4 is you can use a semi permanent colour straight afterwards!

Colour B4 Extra Kit around €15 Boots & Superdrug

It comes with 3 parts. You open the top of B and pour in A and shake it well for about 30 secs. I had my Mam apply it because I would make a complete balls of it. So she poured it into one of those plastic bowls hairdresser use (It was about €9 for the bowl and the brush in the pharmacy) and used the brush to apply it from roots to tip. Throughout this process we were both panicing that she wouldn't have enough for my whole head. Luckily she managed to coat my head with one bottle. I covered my head in clingfilm and then popped a wooly beanie over the top (I was hoping the extra heat would make it work better). 
After 60 minutes. I went to the bathroom and rinsed for about 10 minutes (SO BORING).
I do want to note that my hair didn't feel very dry or rough after this step, it was actually quite soft. 
I then took the part C buffer and applied some all over my head. This ensures all the colour has been removed. I waited about 3 minutes and I rinsed for a further 5 minutes. I repeated this step. Its worth noting my hair felt soo rough after this. I honestly thought it was matting.
Finally I coated my hair in a deep hair conditioner for 5 minutes before rinsing (after this it was fine, it doesnt feel dry at all)
I do want to say that I didn't notice a bad smell at all? Most people said it stank and their hair smelt like rotten eggs for days? Mine didn't. It just smelt like a normal hair dye and my hair didn't smell afterwards at all.

So the results? The majority of the colour came out of my roots and the top half of my hair. The bottom half was still a dark brown colour, a little lighter than before but still dark. My top half was an orangey very light brown almost a dark blonde. I think it didn't come out of the bottom half because it had the most colour for the longest time and will probably take a few goes at stripping with Colour B4 before its removed.

So whats my main advice?
1. If you have long hair or hair that's been dyed dark for over a year get 2 bottles. Also expect to have to strip your hair more than twice to get rid of the colour completely.
2. If you've only recently dyed your hair and had a change of heart then this should be perfect for you!

before - you can see a hint of the orange stripes. They didn't show up much on camera.

after - 
no flash

 after - with flash

So that's my experience with Colour B4.
I do think its a good product. Only if you've recently dyed your hair and want to remove it OR if you've been dying it dark for years are willing to spend a lot of money on a few kits for a few trys at removing all the colour from your hair.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask, I'll try to help you as best I can. 
Emma xo


  1. I used it aswell - turned me ginger! Not a fan!


  2. Really? yeah I found the top half of my hair to be ginger too!


  3. Such a shame you didnt get on with this product. its maybe not for everyone.. i used it recently and had good results.
    Your hair looks quite thick so id of deffo suggested x2 boxes.. you can pick them up for £7 at Savers, rather then payong boots/superdrug prices..
    My hairs thin ans just below shoulder length and i have been colouring it since 1998 from black to red and every brown in between to bleach blonde.. So i was really suprised that it stripped everything.
    Hope you get yours sorted.


  4. Caroline, dont get me wrong I think its a fantastic product and it definitely works.
    I'm glad it stripped yours immediately! I definitely should have gotten 2 bottles and probably would have needed to do it a few times as the brand I was using is notorious for being very difficult to get rid of!


  5. I think its a good product because my sister have tried it and it looks good on her. I think you need to use two bottles because your hair is long and all black.

  6. Love it!! :) Result looks good!

    Followed you!
    The Misty Mom

  7. Thanks girls!
    I know Kelly, thankfully I've sorted it now and I'm happy with my hair finally!


  8. I think you still look pretty good even though the colours didn't turn out as you wanted them to!

    visitor from Singapore

  9. Well, I just tryed it myself, and.... It works!!! I was dark dark brown for six months, and decided to go lighter brown or dark ash blonde. Got this kit at tescos(£10), mixed it, applied, the rinsed, rinsed, rinsed.. By the way, mine was really smelly.. Yuck.. Anyway, hair lifted from nearly black to I'd say ashy ginger. It was ok, I intended to dye it after all that anyway. After using just the remover my hair did not feel dry or in other way damaged, but after applying that buffering stuff itwas left realy dry ant even felt brittle. Anyways, there is nothing wrong this thing can do, that a good deep conditioner wouldn't fix. So yeah, for a color change its a good stuff, but I'd say you still need to dye your hair after using this to get the shade you are going for, otherwise you will end up ginger.

  10. I agree Lynn, I had bought a dye aswell because i knew I'd probably have to dye it afterwards.

  11. Hi just wondered how long do you wait after doing this to dye your hair as I'm trying to strip out black hair and red roots as I want it all red and am going to do it with lorea feria scarlet red

  12. Hi just wondered how long do you wait after doing this to dye your hair as I'm trying to strip out black hair and red roots as I want it all red and am going to do it with lorea feria scarlet red

  13. Hi Sarah, you can use a semi permanent straight away, if you want to use a permanent you should wait at least a week or two to give your hair a chance.


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