Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Collective Haul

One of my favourite posts/youtube videos to watch is hauls. I think I'm just a nosy person haha.
Sometimes someone will show something that I would love and didn't know was in a certain store so I can add it to my list of things to pick up when I go shopping again!

Tbh I never really go on shopping trips, like I never go to town with a purse full of money with the intention of buying a lot of stuff. That usually only happens around Christmas or my birthday. The rest of the time I just happen to see stuff when I'm wandering around shops and pick things up randomly throughout the month.
This month, I didn't really buy much because I'm trying to save for Christmas (good luck Emma) but I thought I'd show you anyway!

        White Shirt/Blouse: Penneys/Primark €7 down from €15
  When I saw this shirt in I was immediately drawn to it because of the collar. When I looked at the tag and saw it was only €7 down from €15 there was no way I was putting it back down even though I hadn't planned on actually buying anything (I was there to help my Mam & sister find something). 

                                             Mens Christmas Jumper: Penneys/Primark €15

So this next item is more of a novelty purchase! So a bit of background info, Christmas Day at my house is definitely more of a chill family day. We spend it opening presents, playing around with them, watching Christmas movies and then we have dinner together, most years my Grandparents on my Mams side join us for dinner but this year they've decided to spend it together at home. Other than that we rarely have guests (everyone is at home with their families) with the exception of my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins visiting sometimes. So dressing up is definitely a no no for me! I like to be comfy! So this year I thought What the hell and got myself a Christmas jumper which I thought was sooo cute with the snowman and his little scarf!
I got this from the men's section at Penneys, tbh the women's weren't great, they didn't feel great quality and were very small fitting. The mens had more variety and were a thicker material. I got an extra small and it fits fine! I would say try it on instore just to make sure though!

Purple Scarf: Penneys/Primark €4

So if you've seen any of my outfit posts before you'll know I've said I am sooo simple when it comes to outfits. So I love having scarves to give plain simple outfits a bit more, especially in winter as they keep you cosy! I saw a burgundy, dark red scarf in Dunnes a while ago and its been on my mind ever since. When I was in Penneys I tried looking for a similar one but settled for this instead. Its a deep purple scarf and is sooo cosy! 

Katy Perry for Eyelure 'Oh Honey' Eyelashes €6.99

I needed a pair of eyelashes for an album launch night that I was going to (I was the love interest in the music video for the main single on the album) and while in town with my friend I spotted these and decided to pick them up! Now, I know what you're thinking, I cant even see the eyelashes in the pack! Well, that's because I actually wore them to the launch night last night and completely forgot to take a photo of them on! Id planned to do a review but in the rush to get ready I never remembered to take a photo! I'm going to clean them off and next time I wear them I'll take a photo! If you google them you'll find a photo!

C.G polishes: Sally Salon Services €1.99 and €4.95, Nails Inc polish: free with Glamour.

So I picked up these 2 China Glazes polishes in Sally Salon Services. China Glaze polishes are €4.95 plus VAT if I remember correctly when you have a trade card. I picked these up on VAT free day so I was only expecting to pay €10 for the two. I picked up a few other things along with these so only noticed when I got to the car and checked my reciept that the pink colour ''Wicked Style'' was only €1.99! I saw on their website the day before that a few of the polishes were on sale but none were marked instore as on sale so it was a pleasant surprise! If I'd have known which were on sale I definitely would have picked up a few more!  The deep purple colour is called 'Purr-Fect Plum' (post here).
I got the Nails Inc polish free with Glamour this month, I decided on the pink as I already have a black and red polish and the glitter didn't appeal to me. 

Bracelete and Cross Double Finger Ring: Penneys/Primark

I picked these two up a few weeks ago. I don't have a lot of gold jewellery but I've been really into it lately.
I cant remember exactly how much they were but I think the bracelet was around €3 and the ring €1.50. I'm not too sure though. 

                  Purple Blazer: Penneys/Primark €20

So this actually isn't mine. Its my Mams but I wish it was mine so I thought I'd show you anyway because I might pick one up for myself! This is such a lovely blazer! The material is lovely and its very heavy its not like some of those flimsy blazers you get. This will definitely keep you warm during those colder months without having to wear a big coat. It also comes in a red and a beige colour, there may be other colours but those are just the ones I remember! For only €20 its a steal!

So finally we're to the end of the post! Phew that was a lot of typing! I tend to ramble on! 
Anyway, as you can see I've been loving Penneys! I was in there the other day and there was sooo many other things I wanted! I luckily saved my bank balance and only bought the white shirt! I'll definitely be paying them another visit once it gets closer to Christmas and Christmas shopping time!

P.s I've noticed I said soooo alot in this post. OH WELL.

Emma xo


  1. Nice haul! I love the first shirt and your blazer.

  2. Love the Primark blouse, good find! And I'm a massive fan of the Katy Perry eyelashes xxx

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  4. Chantel, Thank you!
    Josie, Im quite happy with it alright haha, and have you tried any of the other lashes? Are they good? I was afraid they might be a bit too voluminous and look too fake.
    She.Is.The.One, thank you :)

  5. I love that cross ring! i found one on for only $2!
    Follow me?
    -Jen <3


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