Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas Party Outfit: Barratts Christmas Giveaway

Earlier on today I received an email from Kieron from He told me all about their current giveaway and of course, When I found out the task was to create outfits I was on it like a car bonnet (yes I just referenced Geordie Shore WHATCHA GON' DO BOUT IT).
Now to summarise the task (you can view all details here including the scenario options), there was 4 different scenarios to choose from, then you created an outfit for that scenario. PLEASE NOTE, the outfit MUST contain a pair of shoes from Barratts. Because I couldn't choose one scenario, I decided to do all 3, which I will add is allowed!! Yaay more fun creating outfits and more chances to win! (you'll find links to my other outfits below).  Entries are being accepted up until the 10th of December.
I decided to set myself another mini challenge (obviously there was no prize but i thought it would be fun anyway! We all know purchasing from a lot of different websites can drive up the cost of shipping!) I could only use items from Barratts and another of my favourite websites (I DID IT YAAAY FOR ME). 
So lets get straight into the outfit!

For my Christmas Party outfit I decided to go for this dress with an interesting back (Rosslyn Cross Over Black Skater Dress In Green £22.99 MISSGUIDED). I also paired it with a black blazer (Violetta Tailored Blazer £24.99 MG) for travelling to and from the party (or parties ;)). For shoes I spotted these gorgeous bow detail black shoes (Bow Trim Platform Court Shoes £25.00 BARRATTS) and knew they were perfect for this outfit! I decided to bling the outfit up with this studded clutch (Abigayle Studded Oversize Clutch In Black £22.99 MG) with a handy wrist strap to make it easy to hold onto while you're dancing the night away and a spiked silver bracelet (Letha Spiked Cuff £5.99 MG).

Winter Wonderland
Christmas Day
Long Shopping Day

Which outfit is your favourite?
Emma xo

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