Friday, 16 November 2012

A-Z of Emma

So I saw this on Sophie Rose Hearts (you can read hers here) and thought it would be a fun post to do! Plus you'd get to know me a bit more!

Im 19.

Bed Size:

Chore You Hate:
Ironing! I'll do anything but iron.

Dream Room:
Big, Brown and cream theme. Just cosy.

Primary school, secondary school and then I went to a private college.

Favourite Colour:
I love purple or pink but I wear a lot of black and looovee black packaging on makeup.

Greatest Achievement:
Passing my college exams with honours!

Around 5,3. I'm soooo short!

Instruments I Play:
None! I could play tin whistle, recorder and a glockensphiel at school but I doubt I could now!

Job Title:
Beauty and Massage Therapist. Oh and Electro Epilationist or whatever its called.



I don't really know it depends on what I'm doing!

My dad used to call me Molly, he still does sometimes and my Aunt used to call me Emma Lou. My name isn't really long enough for a nickname!

Overnight Hospital Stays:

Pet Peeves:
I have too many to list!

Go hard or go home. haha I don't know I can never think of quotes off the top of my head!

Right or Left Handed:

Shops I Love:
Penneys, New Look, River Island, Forever 21, A|Wear

Times I Wake Up:
It depends really!

Ultimate Food:
Chocolate! Or chinese. I looove chinese food!

Ive been to Spain a few times, France and then I went to Blackpool for a dance competition.

Whats Makes You Run Late:
I'm never late. End of. I'm a bit OCD about organisation and time keeping. Like I will freak out if I'm not organised or on time. If I have somewhere to be the next day I will literally count out how many hours/minutes everything I need to do in the morning will take and then give myself about half an hour just incase anything happens and that will tell me what time I need to get up at. If I don't do this I will have a meltdown. I'm so weird.

X-Rays I've Had:
Just my teeth I guess?

Yummy Food I Make:
Nothing fancy haha, just like spagetti, pasta bake easy things like that.

Zoo Animals:
Elephants are cooool! Or tigers! And giraffes! I love loads haha.

So thats the tag, I tag all of you to do it! If you do, leave a link below so I can read it! I'd love to get to know all of you more!

Emma xo

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