Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Eyeliner

Yep although I've only known this bad boy a few days, Its safe to say we'll be together for a long time.
We met on Saturday afternoon when I ran into the pharmacy to pick up a liquid liner for a Halloween party Sunday night. My Essence eyeliner pen had run out (I definitely wasn't buying another one.. review here) and I needed another eyeliner pronto. The minute I saw the applicator on the Glam Eyes liner I knew it was love at first sight!! I'm not a fan of thick brushes on eyeliners because my eyes are quite hooded so I don't want my lid to be all eyeliner. As you can see below the brush is super thin!

The small brush makes it really easy to get a thin line and it doesn't fade or come off after a few hours! I did use the Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath it though. 
I also used it to do my 'Cat' makeup for Halloween which I've put below just for fun to show you guys :)

I love that the formula isn't thick, personally I don't really like gel liners because of the thickness, it just gets stuck in my eyelashes when I'm putting it on and makes them clumpy.
Anyway, point is, I love this eyeliner and I'll definitely be buying another when it runs out!
It was €6.95 in the pharmacy I bought it from.

Is there any other drugstore liquid eyeliners worth trying? If yes, Let me know!
Emma xo


  1. The brush looks nice and thin, easier to use!

    I am now following you, please check out my blog, we're quite similar :)


    1. yes its soo much easier to get a thin line!
      Thank youuu, of course I will :)


  2. Hiya, I love your blog and I've nominated you for a Liebester and Versatile Blogger award!
    If you would like to take part all the info is here: http://josielcross.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/versatile-bloggerliebster-award.html

  3. Following you now! Like your blog!!! This eyeliner looks very nice on you, looks much better than the Essence liner and it seems like a nice thin tip as well.

  4. this eyeliner looks lovely! your eyes are such a lovely colour too! :) following! xx

  5. Martha, thank you sooo much I really appreciate that! Yes it definitely is 100 times better than the Essence one!

    Jasmine, Aw thank you!


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