Monday, 22 October 2012

Christmas Gifts for Her Under €25

So I decided to search the net for some Christmas gift sets for the women in your life, whether it be a sister, cousin, friend or whoever! 
I found a few sets online that I think would be the perfect gifts while still keeping costs low because we all know Christmas can be a pricey time especially if you have quite a lot of people to buy for. 
The great thing about some of these sets is you can break them up (I'll explain what I mean in a minute after I show you the items.) 
P.S I just used euros because I have all the websites set to euros but if you use pounds then all over these are under £20.

Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss Giftset (3 in a set)
€10.50 here

Glimmerstick Gift Set (3 in a set)
€9.00 here

Models Own Box Set comes in a few different colour options:
Wonderland, Mirrorball, Hed Kandi, Beetlejuice,
Kaleidoscope, Glitter, Tropical, Ice Cream Sundae (picked above),
Champagne, Smash Up.
around €24.50 here

Now the great thing about the above gifts or any gifts with a few of the same product is that you can either just give them as they are OR you can get creative ;)

For example, lets say you have 3 female cousins you need to buy gifts for, instead of giving one the lipglosses, one the eyeliners and one the polishes (that wouldn't be very fair now would it)..
Take a few cute little boxes, some crepe paper, ribbon and some cellophane.
Pop one lipgloss, one eyeliner and two polishes each into each box with some crepe paper and wrap up with some cellophane and ribbon. VOILA 3 very cute, cheap and cheerful hampers. You dont even need to use gift sets, companies like Essence have individual eyeliners, polishes etc that you can make hampers from. You can of course add in as many items as you like such as mini perfume, mini deodrants or even a set of the false nails pictured below. The main thing is to GET CREATIVE.
I did this for my sister last year and she loved it.

Primark beauty fashion nails
€1.50 for 24

Avon Prepare to Party Gift Set
€12.00 here
I wrote a post on exactly whats in this set here

ELF Cosmetics Large Get The Look Set
comes in Brown, Mauve and Smoky
€11 here

ELF Custom Eyes 
€1.80 per pan €1.80 compact here

 ELF 10 Piece Brush Set
around €14.70 here

So that's all I've found so far, again as I said already, the best gifts are the ones that you've gotten creative with and really show how much thought you've put in. So many companies have cheap individual items and sets that you can mix and match so go crazy!

I might do a few more of these posts with different categories such as under €50 etc just so that there's something for everyone.

Emma xo


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  3. You can never go wrong with cosmetics haha


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