Monday, 8 October 2012

Barry M Croc Effect Nail Polish

I for one was obsessed with the crackle nail polish trend. I think I probably killed it with how much I wore it! 
When I saw Barry M were coming out with some new nail effects polishes I was too excited for my own good. 
The Croc Effect polishes come in two shades, a black and a reddish colour.

I love doing the leopard print designs on my nails so to be able to do a croc print using one sweep of a polish is aamaaazzinggg. If you want to see the polish in action you can search for it on google images (I didn't want to steal someone else's photos).

According to the Barry M website its as simple as:

''Apply a base colour, after a few minutes when the nail paint is still a bit tacky apply a coat of Croc Nail Effects. Watch the amazing effect appear in a few minutes. The effect takes a bit longer to appear than the crackle but it is worth it!''

So the application seems to be a little different to the Crackle polishes in that you don't wait for the base colour to dry but I guess at least it takes some time off  the application, that's always a bonus!
 These polishes retail for £3.99.

I'm definitely going to be picking up BOTH of these colours to try. I love painting my nails and trying different designs so you'll definitely be seeing a few NOTD posts featuring these polishes very soon!

Emma xo


  1. love this effect! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  2. Wow! They all look amazing. I super love the effects especially the one with pink. It looks very girly. I will definitely grab those two colors =)

    1. The pink and the silver are my favourites!


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