Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sweat Proof Your Makeup

I decided to do this post because I recently had this problem but to be honest, even though I knew how to prevent it, I was in a rush and didn't follow these steps (slapping myself on the wrist for being naughty!). So I thought by sharing this, I could help prevent someone feeling the shame I felt!

Picture this, you make so much effort perfecting your makeup to go out, you wake up the next morning and log onto facebook, only to see yourself looking a hot shiny mess in all the photos.
You can't prevent the heat in a nightclub or yourself from sweating BUT you can help your makeup last longer and stay shine free! Heres how..

1. First you always want to moisturise. By moisturising first, your skin isn't going to want to soak up all your makeup (this will prevent any patchyness). Always wait at least 5 minutes before applying your makeup to make sure the moisturiser is well soaked in.

2. Next you're going to want to apply a good primer. A primer will provide an excellent base for your foundation. It will help smooth out any lines and will provide a layer between your makeup and your face helping it to last longer.
My favourite primer is by Smashbox. They have a great range of primers for all types of skin. My skin is very dry so I use the Hydrating Primer (the blue one).

                                              Smashbox Photo Finish Primers from £25
                                        You can find a smashbox supplier near you here.

3. For foundation, again I'd suggest you go with one that suits your skin type. If you know photos will be taken you should opt for one WITHOUT SPF as this is what causes that white 'ghost face' in photos.

4. Next, dust a mattifying powder, all over your face. A good but cheap powder I love is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. Take it with you with a small kabuki brush to reapply if you find yourself getting shiny! You can blot away any sweat or oil using tissue paper or blotting paper first.
£3.99 from boots

5. For both bronzer, blush or highlighter always opt for a powder rather than a cream. A powder will last longer on a night out!

6. Again, for any eyeshadows, stick with the powders and always use a primer first. I always recommend the Urban Decay primer potion (review here).

£14.50 here

7. When choosing your eyeliner, a gel will last longer over a liquid. I absolutely LOVE the essence gel liner. It lasts so long and doesnt smudge at all plus it's so cheap. If you're using a different liner, you can apply a black powder shadow over the liner to smudge proof it!

                                                    Around €3.49 (I'm not sure of the UK price)

8. Load on a waterproof mascara and you're good to go!

If you have any suggestions of any other ways to sweat proof your makeup then leave them below!
I hope this helps at least one person!

Next weeks post will tie in with this post and will be what essential makeup products I actually take out with me in my bag on a night out. I only take a small bag out and with my phone/camera etc there isnt much room left so you'll see what products make the cut next week!

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