Friday, 17 August 2012

NOTD - Nail Of The Day - Shellac Diamond Manicure

Omg you would not believe how hard this was to do on myself! Trying to get the diamonds in line without huge gaps between them was surprisingly hard considering your nail isn't an exact square/rectangle.

The pink on my nails is a UV gel polish by Shellac in the colour Tropix.
To apply the diamonds I used a UV gel, applied the diamonds, cured it under the UV lamp and then applied a layer of the UV gel over the top and cured it again under the lamp to make them stay.

For any of you wanting to do this at home, you can just use a nail glue to apply the diamonds (place a dot of glue on your nail and place the diamond on top, you'll need to do this each time as the glue will dry before you apply all the diamonds if you just coat your nail in glue) and then apply a coat of top coat.
 Alternatively, if you want to ensure it will last even longer, there are plenty of salons who will do this for you with the UV gel. Most of them arent too expensive.

I change my nails alot, so I'll probably do a few more of these inbetween my usual Sunday posts, I know I love seeing other peoples NOTD's so hopefully you like them too!

Emma x


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