Thursday, 23 August 2012

Current Wishlist

So lately when I've been shopping I've been trying to stay focused on buying A/W clothes. Things like jeans and knitwear. Ive also been very into jewellery lately for some reason.
Today I was having a quick window shop online and these are the items I'll be keeping my eye on..

From left to right..
Berenta Peace Logo Jumper €21.72 (
Layla Snake Effect Clutch €21.59 (
Verna Studded Rubber Bracelet €10.79 (
Leah Multi Chain Cross Necklace €14.00 (
Odessa Two Finger Moustache Ring €6.74 (
Lexi Knitted Vest Top €15.00 (
Rhinestoned Bow Ring €3.90 (

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