Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara Review

Now Im the type of girl that loves sleek, black packaging but now and then I do like a bit of obnoxious LOOK AT ME packaging. Rimmels Scandaleyes being the latter with its huge bright orange tube. Lets face it, its handy being able to spot it at the bottom of your makeup bag when you're in a rush.

I love my mascara, dark and thick and this mascara does just that. The brush is MASSIVE, which makes it a little tricky to apply so you have to take your time but no matter what brush im using I always spend ages doing my eyelashes (its an obsession) so it doesnt bother me.
What I dont like is that it takes forever to dry. I literally cross my fingers after I've applied it hoping I dont sneeze.

Bear in mind not everyone will have the same results, it really depends on your eyelash length and thickness. (Mine are already fairly long and of average thickness.)
I would show you a comparasion on my natural lashes and with the mascara but my makeup is already on. I do have a photo on Instagram that I posted today joking around doing a duckface after I'd done my makeup with this mascara and you can see my eyelashes on there. (username: EmmaFurlong)

Overall Ill probably repurchase this mascara for the thickness it gives.

Emma x

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